Why do you need Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects your house and everything inside it including the fixtures, fittings and all of your belongings. It will cover theft and damage to your property caused by fire and bad weather, and will protect your possessions against theft, damage and loss.

Chances are your house will be the most expensive purchase you ever make. Not only that, it’s filled with your most cherished possessions. And because no two homes are the same, we offer different types of home protection to make sure homeowners, renters and landlords all get the right cover. There are three main types of home cover – buildings, contents and combined.

Home Insurance Quote; Buildings insurance, Contents Insurance or Both?

You’ll definitely need buildings insurance but you might also want a home insurance quote that includes contents insurance.  If you’re a homeowner and live in the property, you could purchase a combined policy as you’re responsible for anything that happens to your home and its contents.  If you are renting a property, you only need to look at contents cover.  The landlord is responsible for the buildings insurance.  Further details will be in your tenancy agreement.

Buildings insurance – What is it?

This cover protects the bricks and mortar of your home, including the walls, roof, ceiling, fitted kitchen and any other structures.  You will have to estimate as accurately as possible the rebuild cost of your property so that enough would be provided in a payout but without the premiums being too high.

Contents insurance – What is it?

This covers all the things that you own including furniture, clothes and electrical items.  You’ll have to estimate the cost of these items so that enough would be given out in a payout.  In particular, more expensive items and their value may have to be detailed.

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